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18.5V3.5A4.8*1.7    18.5V, 3.5A,Tip 4.8*1.7, 65W 
18.5V3.5A7.4*5.0    18.5V, 3.5A,Tip 7.4*5.0, 65W 
19V1.58A4.0*1.7    19V, 1.58A, Tip 4.0*1.7, 30W 
19V3.16A5.5*2.5    19V, 3.16A, Tip 5.5*2.5, 60W 
19V3.42A5.5*2.5    19V, 3.42A, Tip 5.5*2.5, 65W 
19V3.42A5.5*1.7    19V, 3.42A, Tip 5.5*1.7, 65W 
19V3.95A5.5*2.5    19V 3.95A Tip 5.5*2.5, 75W 
19V 4.74A 5.5 2.5    19V, 4.74A, Tip 5.5*2.5,90W 
19V 4.74A 4.8*1.7 Bullet    19V 4.74A 4.8*1.7 Bullet 
19V4.74A4.8*1.7    19V,4.74A,Tip 4.8*1.7,90W 
19V4.74A7.4*5.0    19V, 4.74A, Tip 7.4*5.0, 90W 
19V 6.3A 5.5*2.5    19V, 6.3A, Tip 5.5*2.5,120W 
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