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BA-ASUSA3-8C    Asus battery for ASUS A3000X,A3X,A3XX,A6000X,A6X,A6XX,A7XX,G1,G2 Series,Z9100X,Z92X,14.80 v,4400.00 MAH,8CELL , 
BA-ASUSA9T-6C    Asus battery for A9,F2,F3,M50,M51,Z53 Series 11.1v,4400mah,6cell 
ba-asus1005-6c    ASUS Battery for A9,F2,F3,M50,M51,Z53 series 11.1v,4400mah,6cell 
BA-ASUSF5-6C    ASUS Battery for F5 series,X50 series,6 cell 
BA-ASUSK52-6C    ASUS Battery for K52,K52f,K52jr, 6 cell 
BA-ASUSM50-6C    ASUS Battery for M50 Series,X55, G50,L50 BLACK, 6CELL 
BA-ASUSM6-8C    Asus M6,6000,6000N,67,6700,6700N,68,6800,6800N,68N,6N Battery 8cell 
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