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itable    Digital Stationery with 4*USB2.0 Hub,Card Readers, Speakers,Docking Station etc 
Tool-H188    iphone 4/4s opening tools 
Tool-208    This is the 5-Point pentalobe screw driver that opens the two screws at the bottom of the newer iPhone 4's. 
Tool-302    Philips Screwdriver for iphone4 
JK-6032-A    32-in-1 Precision Screwdirver Set  
tool-psutester    Mini ATX Power Supply Tester with LED screen 
tool-psutester2    Mini ATX Power Supply Tester with LED Indicators 
Tool-clamp    8 Position RJ45 Modular Cable Crimper/Stripper 
HT-314B    Impact Punch Down Tool 
ST101R007    Air Duster 400ml for Cleaning Keyboards, PCs, Laptops and Other Equipments  
A Cleaning    4 in 1 LCD/Monitor/Plasma Cleaning kit  
OPLA001    Universal Foam Cleaning Agent  
A Lock    Laptop Anti-theft Lock with key 
ST001    Sticky Tape W54mm,L155M,equal to 2 standard size 
KVM-102LY    2 Port PS2 KVM Switch with 2 pcs of 1.5M Cables 
A KVM 4(USB)    4 Port USB KVM Switch with 4 pcs of 1.5M KVM Cables M/M 
MT-1A2B-C    2 PC 1 Printer Switch Station 
MT-1A4B-C    4 PC 1 Printer Switch Station 
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